Using pip (or ...)

Category:Stable version
Precondition:pip (or setuptools) is installed

Execute the following command to install data-migrator with pip:

pip install data-migrator

To update an already installed data-migrator version, use:

pip install -U data-migrator

As an alternative, you can also use easy_install to install data-migrator:

easy_install data-migrator         # CASE: New installation.
easy_install -U data-migrator      # CASE: Upgrade existing installation.


See also pip related information for installing Python packages.

Using a Source Distribution

After unpacking the data-migrator source distribution, enter the newly created directory “data-migrator-<version>” and run:

python install

Using the Github Repository

Category:Bleading edge
Precondition:pip is installed

Run the following command to install the newest version from the Github repository:

pip install -e git+

To install a tagged version from the Github repository, use:

pip install -e git+<tag>

where <tag> is the placeholder for an existing tag. You can drop the -e and not install in editable mode if you expect not to edit the source. Running in editable mode allows to work on the code while the library is installed and available. Be sure to make that pull-request ;-)